Posted by: stokiecat | January 4, 2014

It’s a Biathlon if I say it is – Janathon 2014 – Day 4

The definition of Biathlon is any sporting event that includes two disciplines. Today I cycled 2.5km, ran Hanley Parkrun 5km, and cycled home 2.5km. Two disciplines, carried out immediately consecutively, equals biathlon in my opinion 🙂  More importantly, it was a big day for Hanley Parkrun, not only was it a record turnout of 144 runners but it was a brand new course. Still got 5 hills in it, but the rumour was that this would actually be a faster course. Well I did run it faster than Wednesday by 20 seconds although I’m still a minute and a half off my course PB. I already feel better for running everyday and I’m hoping I can get back to 27:20-ish by the end of Janathon.

Park run 04012014

I’m second one in on this picture, in my green Trentham Running Club t-shirt, and the worst part about the picture is that is taken from the top looking down the first hill. This photo makes the course look flat but I swear it’s hard work! We now have a hill start (just down the dog leg on the left), which I massively underestimated and set off like a mad woman, well at an 8 minute mile pace which for me is ridiculous. Learnt that lesson the hard way so my next start will be a little more realistic.

In addition I walked from home to the Britannia Stadium and back (8km total) to watch Stoke City beat Leicester City 2-1 in the FA Cup third round. Think even I might be pushing it to call that a triathlon though….


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