Posted by: stokiecat | January 5, 2014

A Day of Two Halves – Janathon 2014 Day 5

I’m a routine kinda gal. I don’t do change or spontaneity very well. That’s why Sunday’s are pretty great as they always follow the same routine:

Morning – long run

Afternoon – long shower then football

My definition of long run is anything over 10 miles. I know for marathoners and ultras that’s a piddling amount but at the moment I’m a half marathoner so 10+ is MY long run. Last week I did my first for about 2 months, which was a 12 miler around Rudyard Reservoir (after which Rudyard Kipling was named) with some of the fast ‘uns from Trentham Running Club. I realise at my age and level of training I’m not going to be super fast but it did make me think that I need to concentrate on training if I’m going to get better. We are one sixth-ish of a way into Janathon (woop woop, can’t believe I’ve got this far) and I have learned two things

1. I can actually run for 5 days in a row which helped my long run (surprisingly) although it didn’t feel like it at about 10 miles when I just couldn’t wait for it to end.

2. I really don’t have enough running gear. I only do one wash a week, I’ve done 2 in 3 days due to Janathon.

However back to the point, today I ran  a dry 11 miles along country lanes in Staffordshire with several lovely members of TRC. Being part of a running community is great so I’m  going to write something next week about the joys of being in a club. That was the morning sorted and I’m back on track for my half marathon training.

The next part of my Sunday includes what I refer to as my long shower. Once a week I treat myself to a proper all over pamper shower which takes 3 times as long as a normal shower. (It would be a bath but we don’t do hot tap water in our house, that’s another story.) This is followed by reading and watching 5 hours of proper football and 5 hours of American football. This week, after my long shower I finally got round to using my brand new foot spa whilst watching Nottingham Forest demolish West Ham. All I can say is this is the greatest invention by mankind ever. It’s BRILLIANT.  My feet are thanking me and I believe they may have forgiven me for the crappy pair of trail shoes I have been squeezing them into, the evidence of which can be seen on my left foot (the manky black toenail).


I’m looking forward to next week’s long run just so I can use this again.



  1. I use anything over 8 miles as a qualification for long run in my personal dictionary! I’m normally follow the football / football routine too, but stuff got in the way this week. Hopefully normality returns next week.


  2. Will be interested to read about your running club experience I have been meaning to join one for a year now!


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