Posted by: stokiecat | January 8, 2014

Still going – Janathon 2014 Day 8

It’s 8 runs in 8 days and already I’m running out of things to say. Today was another 5km around Stafford which makes 39.1 miles so far.  Physically I am already knackered, the biggest surprise is that I don’t really ache (yet!) but that I am dog tired. This may be because I’m not getting enough sleep with the change in my routine. One of the benefits has been that all my niggles, including the problems with my ITB/knees, are gradually working themselves out. It seems the more my legs get used to the run the more I can cope with it, which has been genuinely eye opening. The more annoying thing is that I’m losing speed on my average pace. Each time I run a 5km I get slower! I’m already pretty slow so I’m not letting it get to me. Janathon for me is about the endurance, the challenge to spend time on my feet.

just go



  1. Good point about endurance over pace. Hope the niggles take the rest of the month off.


  2. I love that quote it was stuck on my fridge last year for marathon training. February you will be quicker because of all the Janathon miles


  3. You’ll be flying at stafford hon… Boom!!!


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