Posted by: stokiecat | January 10, 2014

tuuuuuuuune -Janathon 2014 Day 10

10 days, woop! I thought I should just enjoy a little celebratory dance….

jay and bob

Can’t believe I’ve got this far to be honest.

Anyway today I did plan on doing 10km but I was just two tired. I did an hour of bodybalance this morning (my third favourite exercise) so I decided to just do my usual 5km route round Fenton. I had a moment before I left where I couldn’t find my earbuds and decided to leave without my music on (4 hours later still not found ’em either). Now I’m not a huge fan of running with tunes. I have on several occasions suffered from wrong tempo on the stereo. Usually it’s because the tempo is too fast for the wrong point of the run. Before the Potters Arf I had great plans, I had a tempo playlist matched to where I wanted to be at particular points in the race. Bearing in mind I hardly ever used a stereo in my training and never in my long runs, in hindsight it was probably not the race to try something new. That was proved correct when on hitting play my perfectly planned playlist went not in the order I intended but alphabetical. The first two weren’t too bad but the third track in was Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plane Pour Moi, which had me belting along way too fast. I was pooped after about three miles!  It’s also distracting if the tempo is too slow or in some cases a weird rhythm can throw my stride. Even lyrics can have a negative effect. In my above mentioned Bodybalance class, one track used was Shontelle’s Impossible and every time she belted out the word “impossible” in the chorus it made that stretch seem twice as hard. The other reason for not using the stereo is safety. Running in the dark, along city streets with pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles, plus I’m a lone woman I appreciate that I have to have my wits about me (as well as my massively high-vis gilet). A stereo blocks out one sense and affects concentration which isn’t good in some circumstances. Finally, most races are clamping down on the use of stereos, so I try to train as I would run a race. You don’t see Paula with ‘phones on…

Having said that there are times when a little extra motivation is required. A long run on my own, a super familiar route on a quiet summer afternoon, hill reps and track intervals. All of these sometimes need a little boost which a good tune can provide. Sometimes the track can be quite surprising. I love running downhill to the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, I do flat and fast fartlek to “Fever” by Bullet For My Valentine and “Down Down” by Status Quo. My general tempo tunes are Freaks “The Creeps (Get on The Dancefloor)” and DJ Fresh “Louder”.  But there is one tune that I love to use whenever I need a pick me up, a reminder to be strong or just a reward that I’m on the right track and it’s this:

I admit this may be only be useful to women as a positive reinforcement message but I hope you all enjoy 🙂

Well done to everyone who has also reached 10 days.



  1. well done! you are one third of they way there – keep going x


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