Posted by: stokiecat | January 13, 2014

Feeling Better – Janathon 2014 Day 13

I did 5km round Stafford this morning. My body from the waist down was tired but generally I felt pretty darn good. I even thought about running again this evening but decided with the club run tomorrow and a planned hill session on Thursday I wouldn’t push things too hard. The really good news is that although I ache my ITB soreness is almost non-existent and my shin niggles have eased off. Quite frankly this surprises me as my body is clearly more resistant than I thought it was but it also goes to show that listening to your body and easing up when needed can do the world of good. I also have been listening to my physio and stretching much more after each run. I want to try and get into a proper, daily stretching habit but one step at a time in my transformation into athlete. I have seen two physios, both of whom have been brilliant, one prompted by a proper injury and the other as a step towards looking after my general fitness. If I could recommend one thing it is don’t self diagnose, speak to a professional. I didn’t know what ITB was and just thought I had poorly knees but my physio put me right that the problem was much higher up my leg and therefore I was given appropriate stretches to do. Twelve months ago I wouldn’t have believed you I would be paying every month for some bloke half my age pummel me into oblivion whilst telling me off for not stretching properly. I’ve noticed running definitely brings out the masochistic streak in people, including myself. It’s not exactly cheap but it’s not hugely expensive (about the cost of one or two takeaways) so it’s my luxury and it’s worth it. However my monthly MOT is coming up in a week, I may not be so positive directly after my massage.

However less surprising is the fact that I appear to be reaching a blogging wall. As I knew I had to keep up with the challenge I can’t not blog, but I admit I was daunted by the black page this evening. My Feedly has been down for a few days so I haven’t been able to gain inspiration from other bloggers and a browse on Pinterest led me down a completely different route (Legend of Zelda cosplay but that’s a whole different story).  It appears that my creativity is directly linked to my consumption of cakes as we have none in the house and I have had to resort to a Weetabix Oaty Bar, which is a poor substitute.



  1. now there’s an idea I like – cake = good blogs 🙂


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