Posted by: stokiecat | January 17, 2014

Better Late Than Never – Janathon 2014 Day 17

Sooooooo, missed my blog for the last two days, but the good news is I haven’t missed my runs. The truth is I have been absolutely dog-tired as several things have occurred both work and personal which has meant the blogging had to take a temporary hiatus. However as today is Friday (woop, woop) I’ve ordered my Dominoes, I’ve got Pointless on catch-up and I’m ready to write…

Wednesday I was hoist by my own petard. Firstly, I was laughing at Shazruns’ comment on my Tuesday blog about silly Californian’s worrying that they might slip in the rain, only to slip in the dry. I went down like a good ‘un but the only injury was a bruised elbow and a squished banana (not a euphemism). That was before I even started my run. Secondly, after my successful club run the previous night, my legs that morning were like lead. Every joint and muscle from my hips and glutes down hurt and the run was so slow. I went to a Bodybalance class in the evening which helped stretch out those aches and pains but it was hard work.

On Thursday I felt even worse. I decided to run my usual Stafford route but backwards to see if that would motivate me. It didn’t but I did run it a bit quicker than the day previous. My car is also broken so I walked home from the railway station 2.4 miles but I was feeling pretty miserable. I made myself a macaroni cheese bake and drank wine out of a pint glass. Things were not looking good.

But today has been completely different. It started with a hour’s worth of Bodybalance which is always welcome. I’m loving the final stretch track at the moment it feels so good and it is relaxing. My run today was something a bit different. Rather than walk home from the railway station I decided to run it. This meant carrying all my kit – an extra 5kg than I would usually carry – except that my bag wasn’t big enough to take all my kit so I ended up wearing my hoodie, my fleece and my tracksuit bottoms as well as my running kit. I took about half an hour to run the 2.4 miles and boy did I sweat. However I definitely think I’ve broken through my wall and I might be knackered but I’m happy I’ve got over my dip in motivation and kept going. I would have been very regretful if I hadn’t carried on with the runs.

hit a wall



  1. Oh dear, be careful on those dry pavements they are a killer!


  2. Wine out of a pint glass always cheers me up! By the way, when you say you ran your usual Stafford route backwards I can understand why you fell over. Well done on your perseverance, blog or not.


    • yeah, maybe my syntax needs a bit of work 🙂


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