Posted by: stokiecat | January 18, 2014

Keep Going – Janathon 2014 Day 18

Saturday is Hanley Parkrun day, except that today I ran to Parkrun, I ran home from Parkrun but I didn’t actually run Parkrun, I was a volunteer again, this time as a marshal. I’ve really enjoyed volunteering for the past two weeks and I’m sort of disappointed I’m running it next Saturday!

As I ran back home I was listening to my stereo when another TRC runner ran up behind me.  We ran together for about 5 minutes having a chat but he was too quick for me, I was struggling to talk and keep up. I watched him disappear round a corner and after about 10 mins I glimpsed him about a mile in front of me running up King Street. I’d just watched him finish Parkrun in just over 20 mins and now he was running home at about twice my pace! I know it’s daft to compare myself to a bloke who’s half my age but sometimes it’s actually a motivation. I know I need to get my arse in gear and keep moving to get quicker. I was talking to a regular running friend at the club on Tuesday about what motivates us as runners. For me it’s not speed, I’m never going to win a race or be really competitive, so I know I’m only ever racing against myself, therefore my targets are different, like getting a better age percentage or building up the stamina to do longer runs. Completion of a race is as much my goal as getting a decent time.

After suffering a bit of  motivation dip in the week I have re-evaluated what my Janathon is about. I’m still going for the at least 15 minutes a day running (and to be honest I haven’t done any less than 30 minutes a day) but my head is no in the right place that the challenge is the endurance part, doing the run everyday is an end in itself. I’ll have my half-marathon training through February but for the moment it heads up and power through the daily runs.

all worth it

My main issue today though is can I count this as two runs towards Jantastic? 🙂


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