Posted by: stokiecat | January 19, 2014

Ton Up – Janathon 2014 Day 19

Today I passed the 100 mile mark for the month. It’s a muted celebration because only 78 of them are running miles but I’m definitely going to pass the 100 running miles in the next few days so I’ll celebrate a bit more when that happens. Today was supposed to be my long run, the club run was 12 – 13 miles which I felt was a bit long for my Janathon legs so I’d planned 11 miles round the city. Rather shockingly I didn’t get up till 10.30 and I really don’t like running a long way on my own when I’m knackered (it just takes soooooo long) s0 I decided a shorter and hillier route was in order.

I’ve realised I’ve turned into the sort of person that says I only did 6 miles. Only? Really? I’m also getting the feeling that I’m not running to my full capacity on these solo run as I was quite pleased with my just over 10 minute mile pace. I’ve got a niggling feeling I could do better but I’ll wait for the club run on Tuesday to stamp that out of me!

Living in Stoke there are some great places to run close by (we’re on the edge of the Peak District) and the club long runs are always out in the countryside. My favourite run last year was Maer Hills and woods, where Charles Darwin frequently walked and formulated some of his theories (including the purpose of earthworms!). However the majority of my runs are in the city of Stoke or the town of Stafford, purely because of convenience. It means that urban road running can get a bit, well, dull.  I try as much as I can to take in the wide number of green spaces there are in the city of Stoke, which people often find surprising. Each one of the six towns has a formal park, whilst on my doorstep are Fenpark, Berry Hill Fields, Glebe Hill and Fenton Lido. Park Hall ( ) is within running distance . Even the cemeteries can provide a little bit green (Fenton’s is on a hill so that’s another reason to run it) and the canals and rivers provide more variety.  I like looking at the photos of where people run, particularly the more picturesque. My family are in  Cornwall so when I get down there I like to run along the coast as it’s not something I can do usually so I love the pictures of runs down in the South West in particular.  However today was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to run to the top of Glebe Hill which I haven’t done for nearly 12 months and took a couple of pictures looking down on where I usually run through the urban streets of Fenton.  Unfortunately the camera on my phone is terrible so it doesn’t really capture what a great view it was this morning across the city.

Pit Hill 2 19012014 Pit Hill 19012014

My mission next week is to run a different route every day to explore a bit more of the local urban environment where I’m running.



  1. I might be an ‘only six miles’ runner again, one day.

    But not today!

    Well done


  2. nice photos! and great mileage, well done


  3. Nice run, congats on the ton- great milage!


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