Posted by: stokiecat | January 23, 2014

I ache therefore I am – Janathon 2014 – Day 23

Today was my monthly physio appointment. I really want to like my physio but apparently he hates me. He’s half my age, plays rugby and he appears to really enjoy inflicting pain on my legs. Rather sweetly he thought my 10 minute mile pace is “quite fast” (soon dispelled that myth) and when I complained about fat on my calves I was quite pleased he said with a straight face, oh no that’s muscle! But he does really, really hurt me.

When I first started seeing him three months ago he basically told me off for not stretching. He gave me a routine to do, which I kept forgetting, some might suggest deliberately. It’s only about 5 minutes but I find the end of run stretch the most tedious part of the run. However over Janathon I have really, really made an effort to stretch and boy is it paying off. My ITB issues seem to have virtually disappeared, I put this down to a combination of my legs getting stronger through running every day and the proper stretching. I need to get over the problem in my head of not stretching after a run because it’s nothing but beneficial. Since Christmas I’ve upped my bodybalance class to twice a week to try and help with this. I think I’m relatively flexible but the latest routine includes monkey pose (or in non-yoga terms, the splits) and that has demonstrated that I’m nowhere near as flexible as I thought I was.

However I have developed slight pain in my calves, at which my physio did a sharp intake of breath, he didn’t like the sound of that. Not to worry though he inflicted more pain to my lower legs to “help”, including something called active release technique which of course was also incredibly painful. My ankles and calves are still tender two hours later and I think there may be bruising tomorrow. It’s too early to tell yet whether it’s doing me any good but I’m hoping that I aren’t just paying to keep a psycho happy.

My legs are now just tired. My hips are clicking, my thighs are heavy, my calves are sore, my ankles are stiff. And yet I don’t feel as demotivated today as  I did this time last week. I have become tired but not in a bad way, I feel emotionally content and mentally I can overcome any ache and niggle.  My Janathon run today was another 5km new route around the north end of Stafford. The pavements were too narrow and full of people (it was 8.30am so I suppose that is rush hour even for pedestrians) so it wasn’t as enjoyable as the run on Tuesday. However I did run through the new St Georges Park development to have a good nose at some posh properties. I’m liking trying out different routes. Another reason why I think my motivation is pretty good at the moment. There is of course the fact that we’ve only got seven days left and I’m going to have wine tonight.



  1. Wine, even the anticipation of wine, always helps!


  2. Well done mate… 8 days to do!!!! Boom!


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