Posted by: stokiecat | January 25, 2014

Looking Back and Moving Forwards – Janathon 2014 Day 25

Last night was the club awards night so yesterday’s blog didn’t happen. I was still a bit under the weather so I still went to my Bodybalance class in the morning but it was an utter chore. Sometimes I think it would be better not to do something if you know it’s just going to demotivate you and put you off attending. However by the time the evening came around my mood had lifted and I did an easy couple of miles around Longton. Not really a new route but it was the first time I’d run the route for a few months so I’m counting it as something different for Janathon.

The awards evening was great. I took the chance to moan to my fellow Janathoner Dan about how I’m absolutely knackered but more importantly it was a chance to celebrate all the achievements of the club over 2013 and there are some great runners at Trentham. I am not a great runner but I was nominated for an award, which was lovely in itself and it gave me a chance to review my (somewhat dubious) achievements in 2013. They are nothing special compared with some runners and the winners who definitely deserved their wins but I’m pleased with my progress.

My first running year has looked like this:

Nov 2012 – I realise that I’m starting before Jan 2013 but this was my first achievement. I joined Dan’s beginners group. I ran a mile. I had not run a mile, ever.

Jan 2013 – Made an error in my first ever race – signing up for a 5km race not realising it was the Alsager 5 (miles). Had a mini-breakdown in the snow at the top of Glebe hill in Fenton thinking I would never be ready.

3 Feb 2013 – Ran my first ever proper organised race, the Alsager 5. Loved it. Gun time 49:52, finished 711 out of 801.

Feb 2013 – May 2013 – Commenced running with Lionel on a Tuesday and Sunday. Officially joined TRC.

May 2013 – Double first. Ran 12 miles for the first time and my first Sunday run with Walter. Nearly died.

9 June 2013 – Potters Arf. My second proper race, my longest run ever. Nearly died again. Very pleased just to get over the finish line. Gun time 2:24:08 finished 1156 out of 1320

13 June 2013 – My first ever 10K race Gnosall (time 1:04:41 finish 108 out of 125), closely following by my second 10K, Stone St Michael’s the next week (time 55:40 finish 405 out of 587), then another 10K Race for Life at Tatton Park.

9 July 2013 – Decided it was about time to step up and joined Walter’s intermediate group. I’m still a way behind everyone else but I’m slowly catching up and I’ve learnt a lot about nettles.

21 July 2013 – Marshaled at the Trentham 10 – first time ever marshaling

24 August 2013 – Ran my first Parkrun at Hanley Park.

7 September 2013 – turned 40. Ugh. Maybe I should’ve thought about taking up running 20 years ago….

8 September 2013 – Ran the Lichfield 10K (gun time 55:42, gun position 563 out of 965)

21 September 2013 – Best Parkrun performance so far 26:43

28 September 2013 – Ran my very first cross-country race since school at Winsford (time 35:55 position 116 out of 160). At school I came last out of the entire field. At Winsford I finished last out of Trentham Ladies but not last overall, so I consider that a 23 year improvement.

6 October 2013 – Ran the Congleton Half.  (Gun time 2: 10:14, position 398 out of 447)

13 October 2013 – Marshaled at the Werrington 10k – it rained. A lot. This was not a highlight.

26 October 2013 – Ran my first (and thus far only) non-Hanley Parkrun in Richmond

2 November 2013 – Ran Hanley Parkrun dressed as the devil. I recognise I have a long way to go until I catch up with king of costume, Phil Thomas.

16 November 2013 – Marshaled at Park Hall Cross Country. Infinitely better than running cross-country.

15 December 2013 – Ran over the Roaches dressed as an elf whilst taking part in the Christmas Cracker (time 1:31:16, position 136 out of 198). This was my most favourite and least favourite race of the whole year.

It starts all over again with the Alsager 5 next week. Bring on more and better running in 2014!

Also today I ran my last Janathon parkrun. I was expecting a heavy legged 28 minutes but after the first hill I seemed to just get stronger. In the end I was 7 seconds slower than my Parkrun PB so I was quite pleased with that result. It would have been even better if I hadn’t run like a wuss through the muddy bits. However the best part of today’s run, NO NIGGLES!!! Woop, woop. No ITB twinge, no shin pain, no hip pain. I’ll see how the final week goes but things are looking up…

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  1. Wow that’s I an impressive list. II took up running at 38 yrs so wish I had started earlier also!


  2. well done! I started running at 45, so can totally empathise with you – at least we are exercising and not just spreading into middle age like so many others


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