Posted by: stokiecat | January 26, 2014

Just another run – Janathon 2014 Day 26

101.3 running miles for January so far, Boom!

I was going to leave my blog at that but thought for Janathon purposes I do need to write a bit more. Sorry if this one is a bit dull but so was today’s run. Originally I was intending to do a 12-miler with my TRC friend Emily but after the stormy and ultra-muddy cross country exertions yesterday she decided something shorter would be more her thing. In addition we are awaiting a predicted stormaggedon. I thought it had arrived last night with thunder, lightening and hail but things had quietened down and when I got up this morning it was just rain. So I strapped on my new favourite running tracks (i.e. Desert Island Discs podcast) and set off. I was just going to do a 5km but that would be super-boring so I decided to do a shorter version of my originally planned route as a tempo run in preparation for my 5 mile race next Sunday. Today was a sort-of new route. I’d run bits of this route on several occasions but not in this order. I started by heading up to the Britannia Stadium to have a nosy at how many coaches were heading off to Chelsea (answer, not many).

t Coaches to Chelsea in front of the Brit this morning.

I then headed off down the canal and back home via Blurton.  I had a few surprises on my run today:

1. The wind makes a run twice as hard.  A combination of the canal and the open fields meant that it felt like climbing a hill even on the flat. I hope it’s not windy next week.

2. Of the podcasts I’ve listened to so far, Bring Me Sunshine is a very popular track on Desert Island Discs and it’s a brilliant running song. It is impossible not to enjoy yourself when listening to it.

3. Surprising hills are not fun. Longton Hall Road is much steeper than I remembered and was not a welcome sight at 6.5 miles. I need to pay more attention to my route planning.

I think I’ll have a nap then bring on the football, go on you rip roaring Potters!



  1. All set to watch the game here, cone on you blues


  2. I love Desert Island Discs – listening to podcasts while running is a fab idea!


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