Posted by: stokiecat | January 30, 2014

Nearly There – Janathon 2014 – Day 30

I always knew the hard part of Janathon would be the blogs. Despite a massive dip in motivation two weeks ago I’ve never stopped running and I’ve not had any running regrets. My motivation was never to blog but to run and run everyday. On Tuesday I nearly threw it all away, I’m very busy at work and I just didn’t feel like a run but my long-suffering partner actually talked me into it. I felt so much better for doing that run. Of course busy at work isn’t my only excuse for not blogging, I was starting to bore myself let alone anyone else. I think that the blogging every day is the one think I won’t miss from Janathon, although I do intend to blog a little more often (e.g. race reports…)

I may have missed blogs but the important thing is I haven’t missed runs. Since Sunday I was supposed to be on an easy week before my race on Sunday. It’s hard trying to force myself to do less. Having got into the Janathon mindset I want to do at least a 5k everyday and it feels mildly disappointing when I don’t.  My mileage programme for Monday to Friday this week was supposed to be 2, 3, 2, 2, 1.5. Instead it’s been 3, 3, 4, 2.5 and probably 2.5 tomorrow. I really wanted to finish with a 5k tomorrow but I also want to aim for a 9 minute mile pace on Sunday because I will be disappointed if I don’t get it so 2.5 MAX it has to be.


My final Janathon post will be Saturday because I’m busy all day tomorrow 😀



  1. Good luck for your race on Sunday.


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