Posted by: stokiecat | February 1, 2014

And relax….. Janathon 2014 – Day 31

So Janathon 2014 is complete. I can’t believe I’ve managed to run 31 days in a row. In summary I’ve done:

  • Total mileage 149.5 (how annoying is that?!  Wish I’d known that before Friday and I would’ve run the extra 1/2 mile)
  • Running miles 115.8 (wooo, very pleased with that)
  • Walking miles 14.3
  • Cycling miles 19.4 (reflects the darkness – back on my commute from 10th Feb)
  • Bodybalance classes 8 – The last two sessions have been brilliant. Really tried hard into the stretching and worked on form.
  • Running up the stairs – one 20 minute session. Never ever again and not counted in the mileage above.

Some of the things I have learnt:

  • Desert Island Discs is a brilliant running companion.
  • No matter how un-motivated I felt before a run, when I actually got out there and did it I had no regrets. Indeed I always felt better for doing the run.
  • Stretching really, really helps. My ITB problem has disappeared. OK it has been replaced by soreness in my calves but that’s more to do with fitness and increasing my mileage. That will dissipate over the next month.#
  • My pace has improved. I was surprised by the initial drop but in the last week I’ve been running easily at what was previously my all out pace, which suggests with some more focused training I can get faster.
  • A footspa is a beautiful thing.
  • By exploring new routes I’ve discovered a great place to do hill reps.
  • The running community is incredibly friendly and very supportive 😀 Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on my blog.

As a completion reward I have brought a new pair of Trail shoes, some Adidas Kanadia tr 5, which were an absolute bargain from (whispers it) Sports Direct (I know, I know, I hate myself as well).

new shoes

I have finally also pyjama planked… except that I don’t wear normal nightwear and, as I’m not yet confident enough to do underwear/naked, I chose a vintage dressing gown. It was a garment my Dad brought back from Hong Kong when he was serving there in 1950s.


It’s a lovely silk embroidered piece, here is a close up of the pattern:

Close Up

This morning was my first lie-in since Christmas. I deliberately missed parkrun because I need a rest day before racing in the Alsager5 tomorrow. It was typical that the sun was beautiful this morning on the day I’m not doing a run! I’m walking to the Britannia Stadium this afternoon so that will be a nice 8km walking to kick off February but really I’ll be back to normal training next week to get some proper long runs done in preparation for the Stafford Half in March. I also gave up intervals whilst running every day, I just didn’t have the motivation (they’re a bit dull really – I think I will work on finding a proper route rather than track repeats) or the stamina (they are tiring as well) so I need to get back to that. Whether I continue the blog is another consideration. I will probably dial it back quite a bit, blogging everyday is too much of a commitment but the occasional race report or parkrun tourism may appear from time to time.

As I’ve said above, thanks to everyone who has read, liked and commented on the blog and Facebook.  Also congratulations to anyone else who has completed the full Janathon challenge.

To everyone I wish you every success in your 2014, may your training be injury-free, your races be swift, and the weather be clement.

Janathon done.

success kid



  1. Congratulations on your Janathon. Good luck in the Alsager 5 tomorrow.


  2. well done!!! see you back for Juneathon?


  3. Well done — there’s something nice about the 0.5 mile deficit — an invitation to more rather than drawing the line. Great dressing gown and Happy New Shoes! 🙂


  4. Well done and thanks for taking part!


  5. Well done! Hope the 5 miler went well.


  6. Great totals, well done. Like the shoes and the dressing gown 🙂


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