Posted by: stokiecat | April 23, 2014

Lipstick Organiser Tutorial

In a change from my usual running stuff I thought I would try my hand at an on-line tutorial. I spend 99% of my life totally make-up free but when I do wear it I slap it on with a trowel. This has meant an accumulation of a large amount of beauty products. I was looking for ideas on how to repair lipsticks and I wanted to turn this:

Lip stick mess

into something that was easy to store and didn’t involve opening every single lipstick to find the shade I wanted. That used to add half an hour to my “getting-ready” time alone. I came across this excellent tutorial for creating lipstick palettes:

The best thing I like about Wendy’s tutorial is using a metal pencil-case and magnets but I knew I had a lot of lipsticks to melt down so I wanted something bigger. What I didn’t want is the professional pans which can be costly and generally too small. I wanted something bigger to take a whole lipstick and I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money. I also dumped the spoon method in that tutorial as I found this wasted product. The lipstick starts to set almost immediately when removed from the heat source and doesn’t pour off the spoon quick enough leading to a coating on the spoon. The only disappointing thing is I can’t pretend I’m living on the edge and cooking up with Renton anymore. Finally, she finished the tutorial by covering her case, I was happy to leave my plain as I have other plans for make up organisation so want to keep it clear at the moment, maybe a project for another time.

Here’s what I created:

Completed palette

This is what I did to make the palette

Items Required
1. Plastic box (on sale from Hobby Craft)
2. Empty tea-light pans (Generally I pulled the candles out of the holders but if I couldn’t get the candles out I just lit them and left them to burn out, taking out the burnt wick holder and cleaning out any residue wax.)
3. Self adhesive velcro dots

Tools used
Small metal spoon
Heat Mat
Cleaning wipes
Pen and paper

Start with a plain, empty tea light container. Using the handle of the small spoon, scoop the product out of the tube directly into the tea light pan. Wendy Tung does not lie, there is masses of product in packaging so make sure you get it all. To give you an idea this was a full lipstick, nearly another 50% of product was in the tube…
Lipstick out of tube

With pliers or tongs hold the tea light pan over the flame and melt the product. Using a gentle swirling motion melt until all lumps have turned to liquid. Don’t touch the flame with the tea light and don’t let the product bubble, take it off the heat and gently swirl if necessary and reintroduce to heat if the lumps are taking a while to melt. When the product is fully melted remove from heat and put to one side to cool. BEWARE: The tea light pan and melted product will be hot!! Don’t touch with your bare hands and don’t place it on a heat sensitive surface. I used a heat mat to protect my table but a trivet could be used. Allow to the pan and product to cool, it’s usually ok to touch after 5 mins.

Using pliers to heat the lipstick

When cool, attach a furry Velcro dot to the underneath. Take a corresponding “hooky” Velcro dot and hook it to the stuck on furry dot so the adhesive side is facing outwards. Stick the pan into the required position in your container. Press on the sides of the pan to help it adhere. I then took out the pan to check the dot in the container stayed in place.
velcro dots

Empty Plastic box

Make sure you take the details of the brand and shade as you go along and know in what order you have placed them. Use a marker in the box so you can index, I used a straightforward numbering system.
I had a variety of brands (Avon, L’Oreal, Bourgois, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Barry M, Elizabeth Arden, Rimmel, Stargazer, Dior, Body Shop) they all had different ways of melting but generally all have set with no problems, even the really-cheap-only-bought-in-an-emergency Tesco brand. Only two didn’t really work as the shades changed on cooling, one of which was grey/silver and the other black so it may have been to do with the pigment rather than the brand.

Of course this only tidies up the lipstick, still need to plan what to do with the rest of the make up mess…

Finished palette with lid on



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