Posted by: stokiecat | January 1, 2015

Being indoors sucks – Janathon Day 2

The Problem with Lunchtimes

You know those articles in magazines that say you can fit a healthy lifestyle into your lunch hour? Am I the only person that reads them and thinks what a load of old rot? OK, so there are some work tips that are useful for creating a healthy workplace such as using the stairs not the lift or parking further away and walking (or in my case, cycle) into work, but the lunch hour thing, seriously? Let’s break it down:

10 minutes to eat your lunch or eat it “on the go” OK if you have a sandwich I suppose but I usually go for a healthy homemade soup or salad so how am I going to do that, eh? Plus didn’t your mother ever teach you not to eat in the street? I’m also not allowed to eat at my desk so I can’t even sneak it in whilst working.

10 minutes to get changed into workout clothes. Let’s face it, if you are doing anything more strenuous than an easy bimble round the block you are going to sweat, and if you aren’t sweating what’s the benefit of the exercise? Your co-workers won’t thank you in your stinky, patch-stained blouse and smelly trainers.

10 minutes to get to the gym. This one would be optional of course but if you are doing any sort of cross training, swimming, taking a class, unless you actually work in a building with a gym in it, you need to take the time to get there.

30 minutes exercise.  A quick 5k takes some people 15 minutes, I take about 25 minutes. A circuit at the gym or swimming, a cross train session, all would take about 30 minutes. An aerobics or yoga class probably longer.

10 minutes to shower and or at least freshen up (This for me is also an estimate on the low side, I’d give myself 20 minutes, what with being a female stereotype and everything). Again your co-workers won’t be too happy if you stink and spraying a whole can of Lynx is not going to cut it.

10 minutes to get changed again back into your work clothes.

10 minutes to get back to your desk.

So there you have it, one hour 20 minutes. If I take out the 20 minutes travel and just go for a run from the workplace that’s still an hour. So what happens when your lunch actually takes 15 minutes to eat or your shower takes 20 minutes or it’s a slow run day, you know those days when you just feel like moseying but you have a totally important meeting at 2pm that you can’t possibly be late for? I don’t have any objection to running first thing before work, in fact that is when I do most of my miles, or when the whistle blows after work but really, the lunch hour? I did one last week and a) I was out of the office for an hour and three quarters, b) didn’t actually get any lunch, (well a cheese string, a pepperami and a mars bar, all of which I can eat at my desk so I didn’t actually eat during a break, proving my point that you don’t eat healthy if you don’t have the time) and c) was soooooooo tired in the afternoon. Of course all this assumes that you actually gt a lunch hour. Some people don’t even get that so it looks like a ten minute bimble round the block is as good as it gets for those people.

All this is a grumpy way of getting to the short point, that I was back at work today after a day off yesterday and I didn’t get outdoors for eight hours and then it was only from the front door to the car. Today was actually a running rest day after doing three consecutive days of running, which meant a circuit. Really I wanted to be using a slegehammer to hit a tractor tyre, or doing box jumps onto a fallen log, or even sun-salutations in the back garden, but I have to work. And I say circuit but the actual activity is really just a group of exercises that I complete at my workplace in a small room before anyone else arrives, and I hate every second of it.

Today’s Activity

3 x 60 second planks, 3 x 15 tricep dips, 3 x 20 squats, 3 x 20 press-ups (girly version, I can’t do the full ones) 2 x full press ups (I intend to add one a day until I can do the proper version properly)

Roll on tomorrow when I’ve got another 4 miles to run and I can eat a proper lunch.

Written during my lunch break 😀



  1. I never believed that you could get a proper workout in during a lunch break either. Fortunately, I don’t start work until 10 am and only work 3 days a week so can either walk to work or go to the gym/for a run before I go in. That said, I used to go swimming during my lunch break when I worked about a 5 minute walk from the swimming pool and only took 10 minutes to get showered and changed afterwards – I don’t mind not drying my hair and going back to work with it wet.


  2. Totally agree re ‘lunch hour’. Non existent in my job! I just flick past those articles. Well done you for getting a workout done!


  3. my exercise ‘lunch hour’ is definitely more like 1hr 30 minutes


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