Posted by: stokiecat | January 1, 2015

Janathon 2015!

It’s Janathon time again!

This is my second year and although I can’t run every day I shall be trying my hardest to blog every day and take part in the challenges. My reason for not running every day this year is simple, Marathon Training. Those of you who know me will think, but hang on the marathon you’ve entered isn’t until July, aren’t you starting a bit early? Well, yes and no. I have been injured and not anything spectacular but just a whole bunch of niggly, annoying injuries that simply indicate I’m not strong enough. My current plan is a steady base miles build up for 12 weeks then some proper training including speed work (yuk) and long, long runs. For anyone interested I have already posted my training schedule here:  However I am aiming for some sort of activity every day in January so my daily blog will be activity based rather than entirely running based. The important thing is it will be every day.

More importantly this is the marathon I’ve entered: Nothing like something hot and (very) hilly for a first one, eh?

I have also recently decided to take my Instagram account more seriously and take a photograph every run. The top of the info bar on the right should always display my latest Instarun photo. Not always the most exciting photos I’ll admit but hopefully they give a little taster of my running routes. I’m also on Strava if you wanted to follow my runs, walks and rides on there as well.

Today’s Activities

4.2 miles around Berryhill Fields. If you sign up to the Potteries Marathon you too could get to see the pavements of the city of Stoke on Trent. However I am constantly on the lookout for routes that take me off the pavement. People seem to get the wrong impression about Stoke, that it is some sort of ugly industrial sprawl between council estates. I will admit that this isn’t far from the truth and some of it isn’t very pretty but there are some great places if you know where to look. When adding Berryhill Fields to Fenpark, Park Hall, the Victorian parks, Fenton Lido, the canals and the Normacot Greenway just in neck end, there are serious distances that can be run in Stoke without using a road at all. Berryhill Fields can be bleak and to be honest it was today, overcast, windy and muddy, but it’s right in the heart of the city and gives me hills and trails to run around. It is also part of the heritage of the city as the site of both the Medieval moated manor house of Fenton-Vivian-Cum-Bottleslow and, more obviously, ex-colliery land. Today my run included the pithead monument of four winding wheels set into the what was once the spoil heap for Mossfield Colliery, a place where men worked and died, including the disaster in 1889 where 69 miners were killed. The inscription set in the ground reads:





4.3 mile (total) Walk to and from the Britannia Stadium
My second activity of the day was less intense, a walk from home to Stoke City Football Club and back again. I always think that every little helps so I record anything of 15 minutes or more, which means every time I walk to the ground (and back) it counts.

So that’s day 1 of Janathon and Day 1 of 2o15 done. Here’s to another 364… (days that is not blogs 🙂 )



  1. Good luck with Janathon! My aim is to start getting fit enough again that I could consider entering one. Done a half and a 10k, but I need to do the big one!


  2. Thank you. It’s taken me 2 years and a 20 miler before I would attempt a marathon and I haven’t done it yet 🙂


  3. good luck with your training 🙂


  4. All the best with the marathon training, and an excellent start to Janathon!


  5. thanks @plustenner and @mindshoot hope your Janathons are successful as well 🙂


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