Posted by: stokiecat | January 3, 2015

More of the Same – Janathon 2015 Day 3

Focus on The Positives

The thing I found most difficult about Janathon last year was the blogging part. Three days in and already I’m running out of things to say.  I think I might have to do some planning.  As a way of trying to work out what I can talk about I had a look at my posts from last year and discovered that things haven’t changed much.

1. The running part of my training consists entirely of running very slowly

2. I may as well call this niggleathon

3. Welcome back rain

However my very first Janathon blog was about an epiphany I had whilst running Hanley Parkrun about running with heart. I have recently started to read books about running one of which was Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes, which I highly recommend, and I found this passage about advice from his high school cross-country coach:

“Go out there and run to the best of your ability,” he replied, “Don’t run with your legs. Run with your heart.” On some level, even as a high school freshman, I got his meaning. The human body has its limitations; the human spirit is boundless.”

Today’s Activity

A steady 4 mile run in the rain around Longton, colloquially known as Neck End, that took in the Meir Hay Greenway, Sutherland Road which was once the centre of pottery production in the south of the city, and some hill work up Anchor Road. The Meir Hay Greenway isn’t the prettiest, it’s basically a mile long stretch of land surrounded by housing estates but it does have streams, grass and no traffic so it is a step up from pavements.


Then it was entirely on road back home through another bit of industrial heritage as I passed the Aynsley China Factory site. Aynsley was founded in 1775 and had been producing china at this since 1875 until December 2014, when it finally closed it’s doors. The brand does continue but is now manufactured in China.

IMAG0101_zpsmoyt38uk (2)

That, plus the rain and the fact that I was stiff from yesterday’s “circuit” meant the mile slog up Anchor Road was hard work. I am however working on focusing on the positives this year, so I managed all this in under a 10 minute mile average so I’ll go with that.



  1. Well done on a good run!

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  2. The wonderful thing about running, is the only one you are truly competing with – is yourself. You say your running consists of running very slowly. Well, how does it compare to how you ran yesterday? same? faster? longer?

    and regarding speed- there are folks out there that can run a mile in just over four minutes. There are those of us that can’t (and NEVER will.) Yet, regardless of the speed difference – we run the same mile.

    Worrying about being “slow” just saps the fun out of running. Enjoy your run, and focus on “Good” runs that you enjoy. Who cares about the speed?

    Nice job getting out there AND blogging about it!

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  3. And I’ve discovered how to like comments on WordPress, so another positive 🙂


  4. I find it more difficult to blog than run too. By about day ten I’m just going “oh look, another run!”


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