Posted by: stokiecat | January 5, 2015

New toy – Janathon Day 5

Today I have received my new iphone 6. The instant you get one it’s iphone law that you HAVE to tell everyone, it’s like an initiation ceremony for arseholes. I shall also be buying a selfie stick just to look even more of a cock.  Anyway the upshot is I am trying to sync just the music I want from my notebook, which is a mammoth task, so it’s an activity only (i.e. short) blog today.

Today’s Activity

5.6 miles on the bike – back to work commute, it’s only been two weeks (I was driving whilst working over the holidays) and I’ve missed my bike.

4.1 mile run around Stafford. Flat and steady. I have also returned to a canal route. I dislike canals, they are long and flat and dull but on the bright side they’re not pavement so maybe not all that bad (I’d still prefer a hill). This footpath should have been my route but it was a bit wet and as i only had my road shoes on I thought I’d give it a miss.IMAG0111_zpsbfsfdr8x

Maybe with my new iphone 6 (did I tell you I’ve got one?) the photographs might improve as well 🙂



  1. Don’t forget to put at the bottom of each blog post “Posted from my iPhone” 😉

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  2. enjoy the phone


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