Posted by: stokiecat | January 7, 2015

For the Love of Shoes – Janathon Day 7

I was reading this on Runners World (USA) which amused me:

However there were two questions that baffled me: “Do you really need another pair of running shoes?” and “Why would you need so many running shoes?” There is a LOT of talk amongst my club mates and It makes me question whether I’m a bona fide proper runner as I really don’t fully embrace the running shoe thing.  This is my entire running shoe collection:


So that’s two pairs of exactly the same road shoes (so I can alternate them) and one pair of trail shoes, that’s it. I understand the importance of good shoes that suit your feet. I had a gait analysis after getting really bad shin splints last year. It was recommended a change to the shoes I was using, fair enough, but I only brought one pair, which suit me just fine. When I need a new pair I’ll go back to a specialist running store, get analysed again, buy another pair and chuck the old ones.  I will admit my trail shoes are not the best (not bad,  just not sure if they are right for me) so I’m hoping that when they do need changing I can go with a pair of Hoka shoes (I like the look of that cushioned sole, like running on pillows or so I’m told) but I’ll go with what is best for my running style as recommended by someone with some proper knowledge. However I do own 40 different pairs of stilettos so make of that what you will.

Today’s Activities

5.2 mile run around Stafford. The route was fairly average, some looooong sections of boring pavement and the Isabel trail which is a tarmacked ex-railway track in Stafford. In fact most of my run was the last 3 to 4 miles of the Stafford Half Marathon, a race I ran last year.

IMG_0012 IMG_0015  The long sections that seem to go on forever but are in actual fact about 2 miles each, when you are racing these are the soul-destroying sections, especially as you pass the direction sign at the top of the Isabel trail that tells you still have 2 and a quarter miles to go…

IMG_0013 (2)

Of course today wasn’t a race, it was a training run and I really enjoyed it. I felt I’ve really started to RUN again since I returned to proper training in December, not least I managed a pace of under 10 min/miles average, not by much but the psychological barrier of that really makes a difference.  Not only that I also met my friendly NSRRA rival and group winner also out on a training run and we had a chat how we’ve both been promoted, the only difference being she’s gone up two divisions, eep!

5.8 miles (total) on the bike commuting. I like to call it a duathlon, well it is bike run bike, just with a 7 hour rest in the middle 🙂



  1. I have the same shoe complement, 2 pairs ifentcal road shoes, one pain 6 months older than the other ( so I always have a pair of ”broken in ‘ shoes and a pair of trail shoes! My old running shoes that I decided were past it for running now sit at work – just in case!


  2. I have 2 feet so have 1 pair of road shoes. 1 pair of trail shoes.


  3. i must admit, i love trainers and would have 20 pairs if I could – am like a kid in a toy store when I go into running shops 🙂


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