Posted by: stokiecat | January 8, 2015

Easy Day – Janathon Day 8

Or More Accurately Lazy Day

Today is an easy day and that meant just my bike commute and the basic circuit, but as I sit here writing this I realise I just conna be bothered with the circuit tonight. I have a mars bar, a hot water bottle, a book and some music so I think I’ll leave it at that.  It maybe psychological, today I have learnt about tempo running and why it is good to increase your lactate threshold. I was apprehensive and tired just reading about it. That’s one of the great things of being in a club, you can pick the brains of talented, knowledgeable and experienced runners and they are glad to give you advice. The one thing I know about runners is they all like to talk about running. Anyway having read comments from the Girls in Green (i.e. my female club mates) I thought I’d give it some on the commute on the way home. Strava has shown that in terms of speed it wasn’t the best I have done on that route, which was mildly disappointing but I definitely could feel the burn in my thighs as I put in the effort. Anyway I have decided that I will try and make the extra effort on the home commute leg every day to try and get a bit more out of my cycling.  I’m even toying with the idea of tweaking my training plan to swap some reps sessions for tempo because they sound less boring, if a bit more painful.

Today’s Activities

5.6 miles total cycling (commute) and that’s it.

Except you may be aware I have a new iphone (give me a break, I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post) and I have discovered a health app so I can tell you I did a rather pitiful 4129 steps, 2.99km walking distance and climbed 14 floors. I was thinking of getting a tracker but as it looks like the new phone has it covered. I just need a jawbone up to do the sleep thing, unless I can find an app for that 🙂



  1. Hey, you’re moving! Great day!

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