Posted by: stokiecat | January 13, 2015

Back to my roots – Janathon 2015 Day 13

For the last seven weeks I have been working on building up my base mileage before I start the proper marathon at the end of February. This means tonight was my first proper run back with the club since October last year. That’s not counting the last TRC run before Christmas, where everyone wears seasonal themed fancy dress (I was an elf) and includes running through a local supermarket singing carols, loudly and badly. However I digress. So far I have stuck rigidly to my plan which in itself is an achievement and includes not pushing too hard on my runs. No speedwork, yay!  So today I had reached a point on my plan for a run of 6 miles, which is about the usual distance for the slower groups so I though it would be a good starting point for coming back. It was the first time I had run with the slower since I moved up to “the middles” and it was eye opening. We ran a rather boring pavement route (as are most of the routes at this time of year due to the dark nights), but it’s one I used to run regularly as a beginner. About 2.5 miles in there is an incline and I remember when I used to run it very slowly and it was hard work and I was knackered at the top. Tonight it was surprisingly easy, I ran all the way up and had plenty left in my legs for a decent muster. It was definitely a boost comparing how hard I used to find that route to how good I felt tonight.

In light of the “This Girl can” campaign I suppose this is my small contribution to encouraging women into activity.  I saw someone today who I hadn’t seen for a while who didn’t recognise me and we talked about weight loss and getting fit. She said oo I could never learn to run, my answer was all you’ve got to do is put one foot in front of the other, slightly faster than walking. However I don’t believe running is for everyone, my one piece of advice is find the thing that you like to do and just do that. For me starting running two years ago was a revelation, it was hard work, it’s still hard work but believe me this girl can and sometimes it helps to look back and realise that hard work does pay off.

Today’s Activities

5.3 miles cycle commute

6.3 mile run

20003 steps – which included a shopping walk around Stafford town centre to purchase a selfie stick 🙂


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