Posted by: stokiecat | January 15, 2015

I Love My Bike – Janathon 2015 Day 15

Another day of not running, another day of nothing to write about. My second favourite outdoors activity is my bike. The biggest problem of working in Stafford is that the town is constantly gridlocked, especially at the moment as it seems like there are roadworks everywhere. I got my bike 18 months ago and it has taken 12 months of commuting to realise that I could give up my parking pass and forget driving into town at all. There are a few things that make this possible;

1. An out of town parking space – I actually live 20 miles away, and like my running I am very slow, so I actually drive to a point approximately 2.5 miles out of town and then bike in from there. From March to October I actually drive to a point 8 miles out of town and cycle in from there but the combination of dark nights, bad weather and country lanes is not the best for a stress-free cycle commute. Very occasionally I have ridden in from home the full 20 miles. That’s OK as long as I’m not expected to do any work after 2pm and I’ve got 2 hours at the beginning and end of the day spare.

2. A secure compound to leave my bike – you still have to chain it up and it is possible to get in if you climb over the fence but that’s not easy and it would be even harder to get a bike over.

3. A proper shower block – this really is a luxury and I am very lucky to work for an employer that provides this.

4. A locker – this is the one thing that made the biggest difference.  When I got the surveys about what would make me commute in every day I always answered a locker.  I keep towels, toiletries, 3 pairs of spare shoes and spare hosiery in the locker. It also gives me somewhere to store my kit whilst working so I don’t freak the office out with the sight of me in Lycra shorts. (Or stink the office out with my trainers after a run.)

5. A drying room – the thing I use the least but it’s good if you’ve ridden in and your clothes are wet. I think it also could be promoted as a work sauna.

6. A positive employer – this is a great thing. We have a dedicated team for encouraging better ways of travel so employees along with all Staffordians can get perks like free lights, bike checks, security chipping. My partner and I even had some proper cycling lessons when we first started to ride again. Even our Chief Executive is an occasional cycling commuter. Incidentally, I have noticed there is a high ratio of cyclists in the ICT department. I am yet to know what this correlation might indicate…

Here is a Haiku to my bike

Miles go quickly by

Wind, rain, snow, no obstacle

Fat bottomed girl gone

Today’s activities

5.5 miles commute on the bike

5573 steps – I was hoping playing darts for half an hour at lunch would increase my steppage but apparently not enough. It’s a good job tomorrow is a run day 🙂



  1. Bikes rock! Well done you for cycling and your employer for helping you. (I’m only a little bit bike biased!)

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