Posted by: stokiecat | January 17, 2015

Saturday = Janathon 2015 Day 17

Rest day = football. Bet ya thought I was going to say Parkrun didn’t you? Unfortunately my training plan between now and July contains zero Parkruns which is a shame because I do enjoy them. I’m an intermittent Parkrunner, and although I don’t mind my home course (Hanley Park) my favourite thing is tourism. If I’m away for the weekend somewhere I try and get a Parkrun in. However even that is paltry as I have only done 3 away from home. I might be tempted to add in a Parkrun or two in my LSR as part of my marathon training plan but that’s not as easy as it sounds. For the second week in a row I’m sat on a coach writing my blog as I travel back from an away game. This time it was a trip to the King Power Stadium for Leicester v Stoke. During the season I have to plan my rest days around the football, which is usually a Saturday, and therefore no Parkrun and no LSR incorporating a Parkrun. On the other hand it also usually means no cross country either so every cloud has a silver lining. For the past two years I have managed to assuage my (very tiny) guilt about not running for team Trentham by marshalling one of the races. This year I was on car parking duty for the first time which is the worst marshall job but someone has to do it and I take it as my punishment for not running. But I digress.

Today’s day out was much better than last week, in fact this was my second favourite away trip this year so far. I am really liking some of the little touches some clubs are putting in place for away fans, for example this was what I saw first after going through the turnstile:

I realise they change the sign to suit the visiting team but all the serving staff were also wearing red t-shirts with why, why, why Delilah on them. Not quite as fancy as the “croeso Stoke City” hats the Swansea servers wore last year but still a nice touch. Of course a positive result makes a huge difference to my experience of the grounds but Leicester have a neat ground with lots of concourse space and good views, even when standing.

Today’s Activities
90 minutes of standing up with a bit of a mental on 63 minutes. And absolutely nothing else 🙂



  1. Good away win!

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