Posted by: stokiecat | January 21, 2015

FAIL! – Janathon 2015 Day 21

I have a double failure to confess:

1. Yesterday after managing to blog every day, I failed on day 20. I always knew that blogging would be the difficult bit but just one day of failure (so far!) is still an improvement from last year.

2. My activities were precisely zero (well strictly speaking it was 2000 ish but that’s so low it’s like I didn’t get out of bed)

I’m going to lay the blame at the feet of my OH because it was his birthday so we went to the cinema to see Into The Woods.

Today however has made up for things somewhat.  Originally I had planned to run in the morning but when I awoke there was snow and it was still snowing so I made the decision to swap to an evening run instead. I also thought that it wouldn’t be safe on my bike so I didn’t take take my ride kit.  Instead I had on two coats, a thermal Buff, a scarf, an insulated hat, two pairs of gloves, thermal socks and wellington boots.  I hadn’t driven for maybe a mile when all the snow had disappeared so when I actually got to work I had to walk my usual bike route and I looked a complete (and very warm) idiot. It has basically been miserable weather all day, dark and foggy and by the time I ran there was still some slushy snow around underfoot. I made the decision to run a relatively easy route (a half mile down hill at 1.5 miles is always a good thing) all on pavements just to get it over and done with quickly. All this meant I managed my four miles at a 9:30 min/mile average and knock 10 seconds of my best time on Strava segment I use for hill reps.

Today’s Activities

4.5 walk and a total of 16792 steps

4.2 mile run feeling good and positive 🙂



  1. God run in those conditions!

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  2. you are doing great

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  3. Well done for getting back on the wagon. 🙂

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  4. Well done, the blogging is hard, ive failed 3 times already.

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