Posted by: stokiecat | March 29, 2015

The Return of the Blog

or why Janathon ended abruptly, a gratuitous plug for the Potteries Marathon and my new training plan.

The End of Janathon

Well I made it to day 23 but by that point I was boring myself to the point of rigor mortis, never mind the handful of discerning and delightful readers who may follow my blog, so I decided to give it the boot for a while. On the other hand my running went exactly to plan so Janathon wasn’t a complete bust. Congratulations and well done to all those who did complete the full challenge. Next year I shall go the “run every day/blog every week” routine as that appears to be manageable for me. And talking of a plan….

Marathon Training, eek!

If you’ve read my blog you may be aware I have signed up for the Potteries Marathon (When I got the link to the webpage I saw the countdown clock says 13 weeks, that’s just made me a bit wobbly). You can either run the full distance or enter as part of relay team of four, where each member will cover a quarter of the course. Entries are still available and I’d like to encourage other runners to take up the challenge as well.  Anyway my training plan is going pretty well so far, for those that are interested this is my running training plan:

run plan

It interspersed with cycling and some cross-fit using the Livestrong Stronger workout videos  but the main thing is those LSRs are now getting to the point where the L is getting seriously long.

Blogging onward

This weekend, as there is no domestic football, I took the opportunity to take a guided walk around Hulme Quarry Nature Reserve, which is part of Park Hall Country Park (, learning about the Triassic geology under my feet. I would highly recommend the geology walks coming up later in the year, see the Park Hall website above for information.  I want to learn about where I’m running and I have decided to focus some of my blogs by sharing some of the details of the places I’m running, starting tomorrow with the LSR I did today; the bottle kiln bimble (there will be pictures).

So there you have it, you don’t get a peep for three months then two blogs come along at the same time 🙂


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