Posted by: stokiecat | January 1, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 1

It’s that time again when I’ll be spamming your news feeds everyday with my running blog, inane details and poor attempts at self-denigrating humour, to Jog, Log, Blog for Janathon 2017.

2016 was spent mostly moping due to weight gain, injuries and illness and it’s taken 18 months to really get over my post-marathon meh. The meh included not Janathonning last year but I’m now back in a positive head space that’s even got me contemplating another marathon.  There were some 2016 highlights, not least Trail Tuesday, but that’s a blog for later on in Janathon.  For the time being my Janathon “rules” this year are:

  1. Run at least 2.5 miles every day.
  2. Eat chocolate everyday – He that loves pleasure must for pleasure fall.
  3. Try not to waffle, brevity is the soul of wit – but I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to this one.

Today’s Run


It was the New Year’s Day parkrun at Hanley this morning. I will now give you a lesson in sandbagging: It was wet, I have a heavy cold, I ran slowly, my ankle injury is still playing up a bit, I haven’t slept properly for about two weeks during which time the only exercise I’ve had is hunting for Pokemon, I didn’t even break 30 mins (31:25). However I fully intend to run a much better 5k at the end of the month just to say “LOOK HOW MUCH I’VE IMPROVED!”.


Chocolate Review – My mum’s chocolate cake

I have started with a bang here as this will always be my most favourite cake ever, so really everything else will pale into comparison. My mum has been making this chocolate cake forever from an old recipe book that she had with Be-Ro Flour, probably in the 70s.


Looks like the recipe is available on-line – but I can guarantee it won’t be as good as my mum’s 🙂



  1. Well done mate!! I was still in bed when you were parkrunning…

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  2. Nice to see you again. looking forward to your endeavours. And chocolate pics!

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