Posted by: stokiecat | January 4, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 4


Weather and health both much improved today so I headed to the North of the City, where I believe mythical beasts and trolls may reside. I don’t go very often.  I was also checking out possible routes for a Trail Tuesday run (more on Trail Tuesday on, er, Tuesday) and it was a good job I did. The route I had planned took me onto the mountain bike course, it was super slippy and super thin with a big drop off, to the point where I could hardly run it. I ended up on my arse several times and at one point hopped a barb-wire fence to run in the field that ran parallel to the top section. Wild horses wouldn’t get me on a bike up there nor actual horses. If there are any of my TT peeps reading this please be assured we will most definitely not be going up there with head torches on. I have an equally muddy but much safer route now planned, it pays to do the reconnoiter.

Newcastle Way sign

Newcastle Way sign

Bathpool MTB course

Bathpool MTB course

Bathpool muddy tracks

Bathpool muddy tracks


Today’s Chocolate Dessert

Unfortunately today’s chocolate dessert is another disappointing one. Tesco’s own brand chocolate steamed puddings (£1 for a pack of 2).


Very similar to the Aunty’s chocolate pudding I reviewed yesterday, this is a microwave pot pudding. and it’s pretty similar in consistency and tastelessness. The only advantage with these puddings is they are cupboard based, rather than chilled or frozen, so they will probably last until doomsday I’m going to lay off the microwaveable stuff and go for something a little better for the next couple of days, any suggestions for future chocolate based puddings are welcome 🙂




  1. Wow you are prepared

    Liked by 1 person

    • Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Or I’m an anal manager who takes my responsibilities VERY SERIOUSLY.


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