Posted by: stokiecat | January 5, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 5

Considering my running performance in 2016, a 5 day run streak needs a little celebration, so woop, go me.


After yesterday’s route debacle I went back to proper navigation planning and used my OS map. I have learned my lesson about relying on digital routes and will stick to what I know, i.e. map and compass. Although with simple and short I do tend to rely on the GPS, tut tut, and my OS is now digital as well.  However I spent most of the night stressing about not knowing where I’m going so today was a chilly return to Bathpool to run the actual route I’ll be running on Tuesday.  I now know exactly where I’m going and where the muster points are and I will sleep soundly tonight.  It was absolutely freezing but the ground was solid which meant that the mud was deceptive absent but the views were lovely as the sun came up.

Sun up over Acres Nook

Sun up over Acres Nook

Leg O'Mutton

Leg O’Mutton

Frozen Bathpool

Frozen Bathpool

Looking over to Mow Cop

Looking over to Mow Cop

Slight failure on the Strava tracking due to forgetting to restart my watch but I’ll be running the same route again on Tuesday.

Chocolate Dessert

Better run and a better dessert, things are looking up.  Tesco Finest Chocolate Cheesecake (I think it was about £3.50 but I couldn’t find the receipt.) This is absolutely scrumptious, all of it from biscuit base, cheesecake middle and icing top is brilliantly chocolately. I would highly recommend this 🙂





  1. Gorgeous pictures!

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  2. Ditto — well done on the 5 days as well.

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  3. I like strava heat map for route planning in new to me areas – I figure if other people have run there it’s probably an actual path.


    • The strava heat map works as long as people mark their routes correctly. I was following an mtb trail, which was scary!


  4. I’m glad that Day 5’s dessert was better too.


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