Posted by: stokiecat | January 6, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 6


Early run this morning and I wanted to go somewhere with a great view and catch the morning sunrise. Today I also had the company of a running buddy, Nicola, who also has a blog you can check out . We went over the Staffordshire border to Cheshire and ran up a bloody big hill, Bosley Cloud.  I have previously blogged about a race I did here last year, today we did a shorter route starting from Timbersbrook.

Well the hoped for sunrise didn’t happen and I’m not sure the sun is going to come out at all today. I spent a lot of time faffing about taking some mediocre pictures. The route was fairly straightforward except at the farm/quarry at the Bridestones where the right of way was blocked by a herd of cattle (should that be cattle or cows??).  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of this.  My other excuse(s) for the slow pace is we’re both suffering from ankle injuries so obviously we didn’t want to risk making anything worse, obviously. Also I did have to keep checking the route because it was a TT recce, oh, and I’ve still got my cough. Wait, am I sandbagging again? Probably.

Anyway despite the meh weather I really enjoyed this run, the views are always excellent at the top of the Cloud and I was in good company.

The view over to Shutlingsloe

The view over to Shutlingsloe (honestly, it’s top right ish)

The Cloud Trig Point

The Cloud Trig Point. I think Nicola is probably looking at me at this point and thinking for pete’s sake woman stop taking rubbish photos, there is no bloody sunrise.

Somewhere along the Gritstone Trail

Somewhere along the Gritstone Trail

The Bridestones Neolithic Cairn

The Bridestones Neolithic Cairn

What went up has to go back down quite steeply

What went up has to go back down quite steeply

Chocolate Pudding

Oh boy, this is one of my most favourite desserts, the Gu melt in the middle chocolate pudding.  It is so chocolatety, the sponge is soft and gooey and the middle just oozes chocolate lava. I brought this from Tesco and the cost was about £3.50 (again I think I’ve recycled the receipt already…) I love it and would highly recommend.




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