Posted by: stokiecat | January 9, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 9

I will not be defeated. I still can’t run but as it was my first day back at work so I had no choice but to get on my bike.  I rode my usual 3 mile commute into work just to make sure that the calf could cope, and the good news was that it could. Took a slightly longer route back to the car to try and make up for the fact I had no run.  Of course the bad news is that now I’m back at work no more running at nice trail places at decent times. It’ll be mostly plodding around pavements in the dark, which isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. I miss summer.

Victoria Park, Stafford

Victoria Park, Stafford

Chocolate Pudding


It’s chocolate on the inside, M & S melt in the middle pudding (£3) for the fridge.  It’s absolutely scrumptious although the OH thinks it’s just a bit too rich. It is rich, and heavy and surprisingly dark and I cannot stress how much I love this pudding.





  1. Good spirit!

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