Posted by: stokiecat | January 14, 2017

Janathon 2017 Day 14

I would like to have some really important or clever reason as to why there was no Janathon day 13 but the brutal truth is I forgot. Aaaaaaanyway moving on….


My Saturdays are mostly spent following the mighty Stoke City at various places.  The football season coincides with the cross country season so I don’t get much chance to run these races despite the fact that I do really enjoy cross country. However today Stoke City were today playing away at Sunderland, a ground I hate with a passion as we never win so rather than head all that way for the usual Stoke beating I thought I would rather spend the afternoon running around a muddy field in Wolverhampton (yes Stoke trips to the Stadium of Light are THAT BAD).

It has been a good experience today, even if I wasn’t really at 100%. I loved the journey – and it was a journey; hanging with the girls (or hanging out in one case), talking running pretty much non-stop (which I aren’t allowed to do at home), and actually running after a brief period of not running due to the calf pull. I had a brand new pair of spikes, I really liked the course and I had on both of my compression calf supports, I was going to rock this run. I managed a brief warm up, which went well enough including the team taking a pee in the bushes, which when I looked up we were all pretty much in a line in a group moon (luckily for you there is no photo).  I lined up at the start but decided for the first time in my life to be sensible and at the end of the 1.5 mile loop that was enough and I dropped out. I made the right choice because the calf was still twingey (i.e. actually painful but I am suppressing because it’s getting better) and I don’t want to spoil the enjoyment I am currently having in just running at the moment. I still feel a bit of a fraud with the “well done team” comments on Facebook when I didn’t actually finish the race though but it also turned out Stoke won 1-3 as well so I’m in a happy place right now 🙂

Trentham Ladies XC Team

Midland Women Cross Country League Race 3 Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton

Before and After

The after shots aren’t that bad considering the last few days’ weather


Also today I don’t have a dedicated dessert to review but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any chocolate. Our little cross country trip included a visit to Costa beforehand so I had the opportunity to eat breakfast before the race. As I noted at the time, a large latte and a chocolate brownie could be one of the long list of reasons why I’m not very good at this running malarky. However the chocolate brownie was pretty good considering it was gluten free. I then followed this up after the race when I got home with another coffee but this time with a chocolate twist pastry, which was also rather nice. I might have failed on the running part of Janathon but I’m definitely winning in the chocolate stakes.


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