Posted by: stokiecat | January 15, 2017

Janathon 2017 – Day 15

If January has 31 days does the 15th or the 16th count as halfway? I think I’ll celebrate the halfway point on the 17th just to be sure.


There is only one way to describe today’s run, wet. As I write this I think it has been raining for 12 hours, which means added to the melting snow the fields were sodden this morning. Luckily I only had to do a couple of miles so I didn’t have to slog too far from home but essentially I spent the second half of my run splashing through ankle deep grassy streams which had replaced the usual tracks. Still the good news is the calves are definitely better so Janathon is officially back on track.

Rain falling on Sammies Pool

Rain falling on Sammies Pool

The last of the snow melting on Fenpark Fields

The last of the snow melting on Fenpark Fields

Another view of Sammies Pool

Another view of Sammies Pool


When there is no option to get to the gate except through the ankle deep mud


Today I have kept up with the chocolate pudding through in a slightly different way, homemade banana split. Basically this is a banana with chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. It’s delicious and a way to get one of your five a day whist maintaining a vague association with healthy eating. Other ways I like to get a chocolate/1 of 5 a day are:

  1. Add a banana to the “cupboard” chocolate puddings, in my opinion this improves the flavour no end.
  2. The old classic of chocolate pears –
  3. My version of Eton Mess which has strawberries, meringue, clotted cream (the only cream worth eating), honey and chocolate sauce.
  4. I do a fig, marscapone, masala (or amaretti), honey and, of course, chocolate sauce concoction. I don’t have a recipe I just serve them all together in a mix. It’s a little bit based on the Cafe Reale dessert you can get from Pizza Express which is also yummy but doesn’t contain chocolate.
  5. Finally there are also the Nakd coco loco bars  –  They are one of your 5 a day but they’re not as chocolatey as actual chocolate but they provide a mild chocolate fix.
  6. There’s always the fondue/chocolate fountain option but honestly who can be bothered with that. Just get a bowl of fruit and pour some chocolate sauce on it.

Any suggestions for other ways to combine chocolate and 5 a day would be welcome. I’m sure there’s someway to use beetroot or carrot… 🙂




  1. Love a muddy run!

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